brush tryout  

Posted by Arthur Haas

Quick sketch (aprox.2,5 hours ). God,I love these weird brushesI'm making lately. They really help me to quickly lay out a composition, something which I find hard to do but what kind of happens by itself like this (and yes, I used the same colorscheme as the last one 'cause I like it and I didn't feel like working to hard on that part)
I'm thinking about using these sketches as a guide for an actual painting- which no doubt will look completely different from this one.
Oh yeah, I found these and these pages in chinese with my work on them.When I let google translate the text it comes out like this:
"I mind at all times will be out of a lot of wonderful pictures, I need to do is to draw them out."  Huh!
It has something to do with being chosen master of science fiction for Exposé 7 last year. Still, weird.


Posted by Arthur Haas

I started this one as a black&white sketch but somehow I found it really dificult to add color later on since I messed up my layers. Man, do I love that paletknife-brush, especially with an art pen. If only Wacom would update some decent drivers for it: it was really buggy in CS4 so I switched back to CS3 which improved things considerably, not to mention much less brush lag. No rotate canvas on my touchring though.
This is the B/W sketch:


Posted by Arthur Haas

More experiments with brushes in Photoshop, with the brush-images made in Painter. I realise this image came out a bit like a much cooler one done by Sparth who I'm a big fan of. I'm really starting to dig this painting digitally , again (first time was from 9 to 5 years ago).


Posted by Arthur Haas

This is not something that would've ever come out of me had I not started these weird photoshop brushes and getting these random surprise effects. I love it. This one up is the first. The one below I really didn't see coming, what the looks 3d but isn't. Had a lot of fun exploring these shapes.

transformaris digitalis  

Posted by Arthur Haas

This is not something I ever thought I would be doing ever again, painting digitally that is. But my tablet, an Intuos (yes,no number, an Intuos 1, 10 years old) fell and didn't do much of anything anymore afterwards. Now I still used it for things like adjusting the photo's I took from my paintings and stuff so I bought a new one,yes,a nr. 4 large. And once I got started watching Vyle's dvd I got really excited and bought an art pen too, to get that bit closer to having a flat brush I can rotate. The pic up here is one of the first attempts and though I never finished it I still like it. The one below here was less fun,took too long to finish it and should've left it alone much sooner than I did. Ah well, live and learn I guess.


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