transformaris digitalis  

Posted by Arthur Haas

This is not something I ever thought I would be doing ever again, painting digitally that is. But my tablet, an Intuos (yes,no number, an Intuos 1, 10 years old) fell and didn't do much of anything anymore afterwards. Now I still used it for things like adjusting the photo's I took from my paintings and stuff so I bought a new one,yes,a nr. 4 large. And once I got started watching Vyle's dvd I got really excited and bought an art pen too, to get that bit closer to having a flat brush I can rotate. The pic up here is one of the first attempts and though I never finished it I still like it. The one below here was less fun,took too long to finish it and should've left it alone much sooner than I did. Ah well, live and learn I guess.


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