New brush  

Posted by Arthur Haas

Well, actually I just combined two existing brushes I have and got this one which creates quite a lot of happy acidents. I had a lot of fun with this sketch, which I will definitely work more on soon.

More mixerbrushes  

Posted by Arthur Haas

They are fun to play with, these new mixerbrushes in CS 5. Especially the palette knife variant I made feels likea knife through butter.They really give this Painter-like feel. This plaything came out a bit Ryan Church style I guess, unintentionally so.

Another Finally Finished  

Posted by Arthur Haas

This is the painted final version of a digital sketch. The sketch was much more fun to make actually. Which makes me think I'll rather be doing landscapes digitally for now.

I love this new Photoshop!  

Posted by Arthur Haas

I mean , this is what I was hoping they'd do one day: a combination of Painter and Photoshop. These mixer-brushes are just like the artist oils in Painter with the obvious advantage of having them in a stable programm like Photoshop and being able to combine them with all my custom Phtoshop brushes. This doodle happend while playing around with the settings on these mixer-brushes. About one hour.


Posted by Arthur Haas

This one took me a bit too long over too long a period. Didn't have the best reference material and people I find just a bit harder to draw then ..uuh, aliens. But I'm happy with the result though.

Exposé 8  

Posted by Arthur Haas

Two years ago I got 1 image in Exposé 6 and was thrilled. Last year I got 2 images in of which one was chosen master of science fiction and I was ecstatic. This year I'm getting 5 images in and I'm going through the roof. They also asked me to do a video tutorial on how I made one of the images and I did. I'll show a part of that soon here.


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