brush tryout  

Posted by Arthur Haas

Quick sketch (aprox.2,5 hours ). God,I love these weird brushesI'm making lately. They really help me to quickly lay out a composition, something which I find hard to do but what kind of happens by itself like this (and yes, I used the same colorscheme as the last one 'cause I like it and I didn't feel like working to hard on that part)
I'm thinking about using these sketches as a guide for an actual painting- which no doubt will look completely different from this one.
Oh yeah, I found these and these pages in chinese with my work on them.When I let google translate the text it comes out like this:
"I mind at all times will be out of a lot of wonderful pictures, I need to do is to draw them out."  Huh!
It has something to do with being chosen master of science fiction for Exposé 7 last year. Still, weird.


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